A few things that
we care about

We’re donut makers, not cookie-cutters

We’re a boutique bakery in Sydney that makes really yummy donuts and other naughty treats.

We do collabs and brand merch, and we’re always drumming up entirely new ways to spoil yourself.

Stick with us and enjoy the ride.

We like it sweet and sassy

This lil’ business cooks hot and runs chilled.

We’re here to bring some sweetness into your life, with a touch of sass.

We do all the naughty flavours

Our donuts and treats inspired by flavours from across the Pacific Rim. They’re full of flavour, attitude and colour, like us.

Donut Papi is our celebration of Sydney as the melting pot of Asia.

Fun, fresh, and moreish

More is more. Less is boring. After six years in Sydney, we’re only just getting started.

We plan to sift through social issues, knead cultural themes and topics, and unearth all the weird ingredients to show you something new.

Escape to your sweet fantasy

We’re here to celebrate and delight; to surprise and say our piece.

We’re chasing a gooey glory and sweet success that’s measured in happy smiles and full bellies.

Filo’ up mates.

Still reading? You should be eating!

Here’s a photo from the kitchen to get you in the mood.