Frequently Asked Questions

Are any of your products allergen free?


We do not recommend our products to anyone with severe allergies. We use eggs, nuts and wheat in our kitchen every day. All products may contain traces of these. We try our best, but we cannot guarantee anything to be 100% allergen free and cross contamination is a possibility during production.


When will you have <insert flavour here> back?


We offer a selection of rotating specials. Some are even more special being available ONLY in that month. Check our Instagram for updates and the latest specials.


I need my order to be picked up at an earlier time. Is this possible?


We cannot accommodate pick up time earlier than 11:30am.


How can I check what flavours you have available on the day?


We cannot predict when certain flavours will sell out. The best way to get a certain flavour will be to pre-order.


I have a problem with one of your products. How do I contact you?


Please contact us by emailing hello@donutpapi.com if you have any concerns or feedback about our products